For Guys

Finding out your girlfriend is pregnant may not be the news you wanted to hear. It can raise many emotions and questions. You both have many choices to make, but you don’t have to make them by yourself. You have time to get the information you need to make choices that you won’t regret years from now. This may be the most important decision you have ever had to make.

“What now?”

The most important thing you can do is to get the help you need to make decisions about your life together and to prepare for the arrival of the baby. Regardless of where your relationship is now or where it ends up, there is a baby coming and you need to prepare for what to do next. Discovering the answers to your questions is important, and we are here to help.

While in the process of making these decisions, your girlfriend and baby will have many needs. They need a safe place to live, good medical care, a healthy diet, and counseling. While we are taking care of both of them, you can be involved in making plans for the future. We will be here to listen to you and help you figure out where to go from here. During the months that your girlfriend is at CLH, you can focus on how you want to be involved in their lives. We are here for all three of you if you will allow us to be.

Here are a few tips on where to go next …

– Come with her to check out CLH and see if it is the right place for her
– Go together to talk with your parents
– Keep talking about how you are feeling and support her
– Don’t pressure her to terminate the pregnancy
– Work together to make a plan for your lives and the life of your baby
– Get the information you need to make informed decisions